Belitung Specific Foods: Enjoy The Great Local Taste Here

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Belitung specific foods – Description: Belitung specific foods are mostly dominated by seafood, such as fish, shrimps, squids, and shrimps but there are must-try local foods

Belitung Specific Foods: Enjoy The Great Local Taste Here

Belitung is known for its super beaches. However, a tourist destination is not complete without specific foods, right? After doing outdoor activities around the beach, such as sunbathing, water sports, or simply sightseeing, the next important thing to do is tasting Belitung specific foods. Tasting local culinary offers is important not only to recharge your energy but also to get the true local taste.

Options of Belitung Specific Foods: Seafood

As a destination area, which is dominated by beach attractions, Belitung specific foods are dominated by seafood menu. They are served in traditional restaurants as well as international-standard restaurants, such as Lorin Hotel or Bukit Berahu hotels that are located near to the beach line. Therefore, if you love tasting new culinary offers, do not forget to try the following specific foods of Belitung:

· Gangan; this is one of the most popular specific foods of Belitung. It is made from local fish with additional seasoning to provide spicy flavors. The most popular fish special used to make the soup includes ketarap, libam/baronang, and ilak.

· Pais; this is a kind of grilled fish, which is prepared from fresh fishes with additional seasonings. It offers unique taste, since the seasonings are put into the fish belly. The most popular fishes used for grill include ilak, cubit, and unsat.

· Grilled fishes without seasoning. This is an alternative choice for those who are not familiar with gangan or pais. The difference is that the fish is grilled without additional seasoning, thus providing fresh taste of fish. However, make sure to choose fresh fishes for better taste. Choose popular fishes such as menggali, terisi/kerisi or bulat. The grilled fish is usually served with separate condiments made from chili, ketchup, onion, garlic, cayenne pepper, lime, and salt.

· Crab soup. There are two species of crabs usually served as Belitung specific foods, namely black crabs (or stone crabs) and salt water crabs (locally known as rajungan). The soup is prepare using similar seasonings for gangan, the difference is that it is added with coconut milk.

· Fried shrimps and squids. Enjoy them with mayonnaise sausage and chili condiments

Must-Try Belitung Specific Foods

You might find the above-mentioned sea foods in other tourist destinations despite different seasonings and cooking methods, right? However, what about the following menu?

· Suto Belitong; at a glance, it looks like the popular Indonesian food ketupat sayur. However, the taste is much different, as it is made from beef rib broth, coconut milk, and some slices of meat, seasonings, noodle, fried potato, fried onion, lime, and ketchup. Try it and you will agree that IT IS FRESH..

· Belitong Noodle; this is one of popular Belitung specific foods in Belitung. This is found in Warung Atep, Tanjung Pandan. The noodle is served with thick and delicious shrimp curry, bean sprouts, slices of fried tofu, smoothened cayenne pepper, and other seasonings.

Tourist destinations around Belitung District are populated with culinary belts, from food stalls to high-end restaurants. You can also taste the local foods served by the hotel where you stay.

In Belitung, it is easy to find Chinese foods or Padang foods here, but are they Belitung specific foods? The answer is NO. Make your holiday complete by tasting those foods.